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(WTAM) The City of Cleveland billed the estate of Tamir Rice, for what it says in a court document is, the 12-year-old's "last dying expense," but city leaders have clarified the situation, saying it was a routine probate court claim that never should have been made.

A claim filed Wednesday in Cuyahoga County Probate Court said  that the city has a claim against Rice's estate for $500.00, which is essentially a bill for emergency medical services when Rice was shot dead by Cleveland police outside the Cudell Recreation Center in November of 2014.

At a news conference, it was explained that this was a routine legal procedure to try to get payment for bills not covered by Medicaid.  

Mayor Frank Jackson apologized, saying that a high profile case such as this should have been identified and flagged, and that the city will officially absorb the cost of the EMS run.

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