Democratic Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Take Part In Town Hall Meeting

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are taking questions at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Sanders has the first hour as he and Clinton are not sharing the stage together. 

Sanders said his populist message is resonating across the U.S.  He touted "millions of individual contributions" to his campaign, averaging $27 apiece.  On national security Sanders stressed that ISIS must be crushed but said the campaign against the terrorist group must be smart. When pressed about police violence, Sanders said cops must be held accountable.  He also called for more diversity within police departments.  Sanders touted his record helping veterans and said Congress should have acted more quickly and aggressively to tackle widespread problems at the VA.  

Hillary Clinton took the stage for the second hour on the town hall. She says she has an uphill climb in New Hampshire because Senator Bernie Sanders is from neighboring Vermont.  Clinton said she doesn't know why young Democratic voters favor Sanders and acknowledged that she has work to do on that front. 

Clinton was asked about how she would deal with the turmoil in the Middle Easy. She vowed to only send U.S. troops into harm's way if absolutely necessary and said she opposes military adventurism abroad. Pressed about longstanding Republican attacks, from her e-mails to what happened in Benghazi, Clinton said she takes criticism seriously but not personally. 

Photo: Getty Images