Hillary Clinton is cheering her win in the Nevada caucuses.  Votes are still being counted, but so far Clinton's margin of victory is less than five percent. 

Addressing supporters at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Clinton said she's thrilled and grateful to her supporters.  She said her campaign is all about breaking down barriers. Clinton reached out to young voters in her victory speech, since they tend to overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders. Clinton promised that she has a plan to cut interest rates and cap payments for student loans. The former Secretary of State stressed that America isn't a single issue country, and pushed for accountability for big business and ways to help struggling families.  She said that voters were 'hungry for real solutions'

Bernie Sanders is congratulating Hillary Clinton on her victory in the Nevada caucuses. In a speech to his supporters he thanked for them support. He mentioned that he was 25 points behind five weeks ago, and the election was very close.