Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee

The PBS debate in Milwaukee Wisconsin features Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. At the top of the debate Sanders acknowledged that his campaign has come a long way. He said his populist campaign is gaining steam across the U.S. and that the American people are tired of establishment politics and economics. 

Hillary Clinton said her campaign is about knocking down barriers.  She agreed with Sanders that the economy is rigged in favor of those at the top. She took aim at Bernie Sanders' plan for universal healthcare saying the Vermont senator's numbers don't add up.  She says her goal is universal healthcare coverage and that she will be open with the American people about the numbers that will actually work and the coverage they will realistically get.  

Clinton said Democrats have an obligation to explain how increases in government services would be paid for. She insisted that many of the other proposals of rival Bernie Sanders are not paid for. Sanders strongly disagreed.  He insisted that every proposal he has made is paid for. Sanders argued that one way to clear more money is to eliminate tax loopholes. He also said Wall Street traders should have to pay a speculation tax.  

In his closing Bernie Sanders says he is best-qualified to go after powerful special interests.  He said voters should demand that the government represent all the people and not just the wealthiest one-percent of Americans.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she is not a single issue candidate and the U.S. is not a single issue country. Clinton said she is best-qualified to handle a variety of serious issues confronting the presidency, including foreign policy.  

Photo: Getty Images