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(NEWSER) – This story likely won't do much to raise Comcast's popularity—or lack thereof. A Washington state woman on Tuesday reached out to consumer advocate Christopher Elliott with a problem. She needed to change the name on her Comcast bill, and after phone calls and an in-person visit to a Comcast location, remained unsuccessful. The bill continued to read: "A--hole Brown." Yes, you read that right. The bill had previously been addressed to "Ricardo Brown" (her husband's name) but was apparently changed by a Comcast employee.

Brown suspects the alteration occurred after she called to cancel her cable services. Wired points out that Comcast makes it "frighteningly difficult" to ax services, and Brown was indeed redirected to a retention specialist during her call. She says she was "never rude," but was firm: She wanted to pay the $60 termination fee and pare down her services.

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