Changes wrought to the GED thanks to the nearly nationwide implementation of Common Core have caused GED passing rates to plummet and dramatically hurt the job prospects of thousands of America’s poorest and least-skilled citizens.

That’s the argument of Diane Ravitch, a New York University professor, an educational policy analyst and a strong critic of Common Core.

The GED is a test designed to allow adult high school dropouts to obtain a certificate of high school equivalency. Many GED takers are middle-aged and dropped out of school decades before Common Core was even a twinkle in Bill Gates’s eye.

Pearson, a mammoth education company headquartered in London and a leading light in the Common Core movement, is currently the sole developer of the GED test.

Pearson changed the GED dramatically for everyone taking the test in the United States beginning in 2014. It’s only computer-based now. It’s much more focused on harder math and on essays.

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