It was a perfect storm of progressive outrage: An African-American woman, the dean of a journalism school, was cruelly and needlessly accosted by a couple of racist Texas cops, just because she was walking down the street in her own neighborhood. They didn’t like a black woman walking around where she wasn’t supposed to be, huh? She didn’t know her place, is that it? Clearly, we still live in Emmett Till’s America.

Except that’s not at all what happened, and there’s video to prove it. Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News:

A Texas journalism professor’s explosive charge that police hassled her for “walking while black,” a claim lodged in a guest column in the state’s biggest newspaper, doesn’t square with the videotape, according to the police chief.

The incident occurred when Dorothy Bland, dean of the journalism school at the University of North Texas, was taking a power walk on the morning of Oct. 24 in her neighborhood in the northeast Texas town of Corinth. In a column in the Dallas Morning News four days later, the former newspaper editor described her encounter with two local cops in terms that put the police in a bad light…

“I guess I was simply a brown face in an affluent neighborhood,” Bland said in her column.

But dashcam video provided by Corinth Police shows Bland walking in the middle of the street, and captures the two police officers politely advising her to stay on the side of oncoming traffic, so she can see approaching cars.

Here’s the video:

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