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(NEWSER)– Details of alleged sexual assaults by Bill Cosby just keep on coming.

Today five women describe his purported attacks in blood-curdling detail to the Washington Post, with some saying they were drugged before the encounter and others claiming they screamed, tried fighting him off, or said they would fight him to the death (in that case, he allegedly threw two hundred-dollar bills at model Tamara Green and walked out). Victoria Valentino—an ex-Playboy Playmate speaking up for the first time—says he drugged her and a friend with red pills in 1970. Then he "opened his fly and grabbed my head and pushed my head down. And then he turned me over. It was like a waking nightmare." But she never pressed charges: "What kind of credibility did I have?" Denials by Cosby lawyers pepper the article, as do quotes from a friend, a writer, and a district attorney who say they heard the women's accusations years ago.

The Post also looks at Cosby's marriage to Camille Cosby, saying "it’s unclear how much Camille knew about her husband’s activities" since six of the alleged sexual assaults occurred at his house. She was reportedly aware of his "selfish" behavior in Los Angeles, which contrasted with his upstanding life on the East Coast as a man studying for a PhD and sitting on a board at Temple University. Yet even there, a Temple employee accuses him of drugging her with blue pills and sexually assaulting her.

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