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UPDATE: NASA Says Space Station Ammonia Leak Was False Alarm 

NASA says there was no leak of ammonia aboard the International Space Station.  The crew will spend the day on the Russian-built side of the I-S-S while ground teams troubleshoot the alarm that sent the crew scrambling for their emergency gear overnight. 

NASA's Mike Suffredini says engineers think they've found the source of the glitch and they now believe the crew was never in any real danger.  They hope to have the entire facility operational again late tonight. 

Original article:

The crew of the International Space Station is safe after being forced to evacuate the U.S. section this morning.  The crew moved to the Russian side of the space station after a coolant pressure alarm went off.

Early indications pointed to an ammonia leak, but that has now been ruled out.  The crew is planning to stay overnight on the Russian side while the American side remains sealed off, which is a standard safety procedure. 

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