After Surprise Iowa Victory ">Media Research Center study conducted in the week following the Iowa Caucus found that the GOP winner, Sen. Ted Cruz, has seen a decrease in evening news coverage from ABC, CBS, and NBC networks.

In past elections, the winners of the Iowa Caucus have received a surge in media coverage that is often referred to as the “Iowa bump.” Candidates then use the “Iowa bump” to keep momentum from the caucus heading into other primaries.

While John Kerry and Barack Obama largely benefited from the “Iowa bump,” the MRC study indicates that Cruz’s overall news airtime has significantly decreased.

Of total TV news airtime since the Iowa Caucus, Cruz’s coverage has decreased from 21 minutes to 16 minutes in the past week. Of total GOP coverage since the week before the caucus, Cruz’s coverage has decreased even more, from 24.8 to 17.8 percent.

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