(NEWSER) – Anne Swaney, the 39-year-old ABC 7 executive producer who was found murdered in Belize on Friday, died "from a random act of violence," her obituary reads.

And, "like all victims, she deserved better." Her father, Jack Swaney, said as much in his interview with WLS-TV, the station Anne worked for. "Anne Elizabeth had a very short life, she had a very full life, and it hasn't sunk in, what we've lost," Jack Swaney said, per ABC News. His daughter, who was the executive producer for online operations at WLS, had worked for the Chicago ABC affiliate since 1999. That full life Jack Swaney spoke of included riding horses in Costa Rica and Turkey, driving cattle in Utah, and bicycling across Iowa, per her obituary—travels that may have worried other parents, but her dad took in stride. "As long as I heard her voice, I didn't care where she was," he told WLS.

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