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(NEWSER) – A Texas father arrested for taking away his daughter's cell phone as a punishment will avoid jail but may suffer an even worse fate. In 2013, Ronald Jackson found a text he thought was "rude" on his 12-year-old daughter's cell phone, so he confiscated it, CBS DFW reports.

“I was being a parent," Jackson says. “You tell them what they did wrong and you give them a punishment to show that they shouldn’t be doing that.” Unfortunately, Jackson's ex and the girl's mother is married to a Grand Prairie Police Department officer. Police showed up at 2am and hauled Jackson to jail. "I'm upset because—number one—the property belongs to me," the girl's mother, Michelle Steppe, tells WFAA. "You can't take someone's property, regardless if you're a parent or not." Jackson was charged with theft.

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