david bowie

David Bowie has written the theme song for an upcoming TV drama.

The song "Blackstar" is heard under the opening of The Last Panthers, which debuts across Europe next month on the satellite service Sky Atlantic. A preview video for the series -- a crime drama which stars John Hurt and Samantha Morton -- has already been posted on YouTube.

Director Johan Renck showed Bowie rough edits of the two first episodes and then "discussed the various aspects of the show, [including] the underlying currents of guilt and personality flaws. We talked about the dark heart of Europe. We talked about the Biblical aspects of human nature."

While the series will air in Britain, Ireland, France, Austria and Germany, as of now, there are no plans to show it in the U.S. It's the first music Bowie has written for TV since the 1993 BBC series "The Buddha of Suburbia."

Photo: Getty Images