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Producer Tony Visconti says David Bowie learned in November that his cancer was terminal, but he was determined to record one more album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Visconti says they spoke about recording more songs a week before his death. "I was thrilled, and I thought, and he thought, that he'd have a few months, at least. Obviously, if he's excited about doing his next album, he must've thought he had a few more months. So the end must've been very rapid. I'm not privy to it. I don't know exactly, but he must've taken ill very quickly after that phone call." 

Visconti learned of Bowie's illness a year ago, when the star arrived for a recording session. "He just came fresh from a chemo session, and he had no eyebrows, and he had no hair on his head, and there was no way he could keep it a secret from the band. But he told me privately, and I really got choked up when we sat face to face talking about it."

In the middle of 2015, the cancer was in remission. Visconti says, "I was thrilled. And he was a bit apprehensive. He said, 'Well, don't celebrate too quickly. We'll see how it goes.' And he continued the chemotherapy. So I thought he was going to make it. And in November, it just suddenly came back. It had spread all over his body, so there's no recovering from that."

Bowie died Sunday (January 10th), two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his last album, Blackstar.

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