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After shying away from festivals in America, Deadmau5 is making a return to the scene in a HUGE way. He has just announced that he will be playing BOTH weekends at 2013's Ultra Music Festival in Miami, during Miami Music week!

Happy holidays indeed. It looks like Christmas has come early this year for any Deadmau5 fans going to Miami this March - especially the ones going to Ultra Music Festival. The mau5 is wasting no time getting ready for his big return. He's already started prepping for the event:

Ultra Music Festival will take place at Bayfront Park in Miami over TWO weekends this year - March 3/15-3/17 and 3/22-3/24. Deadmau5 will be making his music pour out of the UMF spears on March 16th and March 23rd. 

Now only one question comes to mind. Does this call for a special limited edition Ultra Music Festival mau5 head? We'll just have to wait until March to find out.

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