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Dirty South can now officially add director/writer to his resume. The producer/DJ (Dragan Roganovic) just released his debut short film With You

According to Mixmag, Dragan wrote and directed the film after he finished his latest album of the same name. The new album With You will be released November 4th.

So what's this film about? The iTunes plot summary reads:

"A young boy falls in love with a girl from another planet, who has the unique ability to heal things. When they kiss for the first time he finds out she also has the ability to take life away. He survives, but he is robbed of his memory of her and we catch up with him 20 years later. Now a struggling artist, he grapples with the memory of his only love and sets out on a quest to find her once more."

Fans can download With You on iTunes now. 

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