Disclosure, Sam Smith

We may still be a few months away from the release of Disclosure's new album Caracal, BUT ... the guys announced the title of their new collab with Sam Smith that will be featured on the record. And it's called "Omen."

The guys revealed the title of their new song together via Twitter. One by one, they tweeted out individual letters, beginning with "O" ... until we ended up with THIS:

And while the final album track list hasn't been revealed yet, in Caracal's iTunes pre-order link, only their single "Holding On" is listed, along with three other songs -- one of them being "Omen."

Also, Sam posted THIS on his own Twitter...

... and so did Disclosure, along with this little message: "Big news! The second single from our forthcoming album is OMEN, a song we wrote with @JimmyNapes and @samsmithworld." And another tweet reads, "We are sooo excited for you to hear the track." They add, "More news next week!"

MORE NEWS COMING NEXT WEEK?! Like a teaser, maybe?! Are they releasing it as single soon?! We are sooo excited to hear it!

Basically, all of us right now....