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(NEWSER)– Earlier this month, a Florida dog owner gave his pooch mouth-to-mouth resuscitation—or "mouth to snout," he calls it—in an effort to save the dog's life, the Miami Herald reports.

Andrew Burtschin, 29, returned from a boating trip to his Key Largo home on Oct. 1 and saw his dogs, Skunk and Shadow, munching away on something. Burtschin thought little of it until Shadow, breathing heavily, went into contortions and plopped face-down in a canal. Burtschin hurried over in his boat and pulled out Shadow's lifeless body. "As soon as I saw her in the water, I thought she was dead," he tells WPTV.

Trained in CPR, Burtschin applied chest compressions and gave the golden retriever/pit bull mix "mouth-to-snout resuscitation."

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