(NEWSER) – Self-driving cars seem nice, but an Australian tech startup that usually builds robotic targets for live-fire military training has just announced what we've really been waiting for: a pizza-delivery robot, courtesy of Domino's, reports Engadget.

Meet DRU (Domino's Robotic Unit), an autonomous 3-foot-tall delivery vehicle (currently in prototype stage) that's most aptly described by NBC News as "half Wall-E, half baby carriage, with a sprinkling of R2-D2." Developed by Marathon Targets, DRU is powered by LIDAR—the same technology self-driving cars employ—and scoots around with the assistance of its built-in GPS system, which is hooked up with Google Maps. The four-wheel device can carry out a bunch of deliveries within a 20-mile radius on a single charge, zips along at a maximum 12.5mph, and can hold up to 10 pizzas in its heated compartment, the Verge and Lifehacker Australia report.

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