Donald Trump is all smiles after his strong win in the South Carolina Republican primary.  Addressing his supporters in Spartanburg, Trump thanked the people of South Carolina as well as residents of New Hampshire for giving him a boost last week.  

After a fourth place finish Jeb Bush dropped out of the race saying he remains optimistic that America's best days are ahead, and he'll continue to work towards that goal as a private citizen.

Marco Rubio says the race for the Republican presidential nomination is now a three-person race, and he's going to win it.  Rubio made the comment in a speech to supporters after finishing neck-and-neck with Ted Cruz and about ten percentage points behind Donald Trump in South Carolina's Republican primary. 

In a speech to supporters in Columbia, South Carolina, Cruz remarked that he's in an effective tie with Marco Rubio for second in the state's primary. Cruz said his strong finish is sending shivers up the spine of what he called the "Washington cartel."

Cruz insisted that conservatives continue to unite behind his campaign. He pointed out that his campaign is the only one that has notched a victory against Donald Trump. Cruz said his campaign will gladly accept people who don't think Trump would be a good candidate, or who'd like a stronger contrast in their candidate and the Democrats. He stressed that he's the only candidate who has had a consistent conservative record.