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Dr. Luke is defending himself against some serious allegations leveled against him by pop star Kesha.  Hours after the singer went public with a lawsuit accusing him of sexual and physical abuse, the producer filed a suit of his own denying any wrongdoing. 

His lawyer tells TMZ that Kesha's claims are "outrageous" and "untrue."  In Luke's counter suit, he accuses Kesha of extortion, saying she has been threatening to ruin his reputation with made-up stories. 

Luke claims Kesha has admitted to concocting the stories of his supposed abuse, using their almost ten-year musical partnership as a bargaining chip to release herself from the recording contract she signed with him years ago.  

He also points to Kesha's mother Pebe as the one pushing her to spread the lies. Luke and Pebe exchanged a public war of words earlier this year while Kesha was in rehab for an eating disorder.  

Photo: Getty Images