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Throw Drake's seal of approval (or likeness) on a product and you'll likely score gold. In recent weeks, the MC's made headlines for his Tom Ford-inspired lipstick, that ugly Christmas sweater and now a new app that will help you get your life together.

Based on recent reports and one oh-so-casual Instagram shot, Drizzy is investing a new app called Omni, which will help you stay a little bit more organized, and let's face it, we could all use a helping hand with that. He reportedly met with Thomas McLeod, the founder of the app, and was so interested that he jumped right on board.

Here's how it works. Omni is sort of like the physical Cloud. You send in your physical items to a nearby Omni facility, where your goods are professional photographed, catalogued and stored in safe keeping. If you're in the need of any of the items, all you have to do is order it via the app and it'll be sent right to your doorstep, courtesy of Omni concierge. 

"Being one of Drakes first tech investments and doing deep dives on the crossover between tech and music from an end user perspective...is wild," Thomas said in the caption. 

Check out Thomas McLeod's Instagram post with Drake below!

Photo: Getty Images