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Dustin Lynch says when he finished his show Friday night, "it was just a little bloodier than usual."  The country star was performing at the MulletFest in Niceville, Florida when somebody threw a full can of beer toward the stage, striking the singer in the face. 

Dustin tells People he was "walking down the catwalk and wham, out of nowhere" he was "nailed" by the can, which "felt like a baseball."  Video of the incident shows Lynch attempting to identify the culprit. 

Some audience members tried to point out the person, prompting a small skirmish, but Dustin later tweeted that the guy "got away."  He added that he had to go to the hospital to get "a few stitches" to close the wound. 

Dustin tells People the "moral of the story is don't throw beer cans, period.  It's not cool."  He adds that he didn't end the concert right then because "the crowd was insanely loud and supportive," and he didn't want to let one person ruin "a great night" for everybody else. 

Photo: Getty Images