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Update: It looks like Zendaya has accepted Giuliana Rancic's recent "Fashion Police" apology. The singer/actress posted a response on Instagram. 

Zendaya says, "Giuliana, I appreciate your apology and I'm glad it was learning experience for you and for the network. I hope others negatively affected by her words can also find it in their hearts to accept her apology as well."

Check out Zendaya's full post below:

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Giuliana Rancic says she's learned her lesson. The E! "Fashion Police" co-host apologized on air Tuesday for remarks she made about the dreadlocks Zendaya wore at Sunday's Oscars. 

In a statement on "Fashion Police" Giuliana says:

"I'd really like to address something that's weighing very heavy on my heart. I want to apologize for a comment that I made on last night's 'Fashion Police' about Zendaya's hair. Something I said last night did cross the line. I didn't intend to hurt anybody, but I've learned it's not my intent that matters, it's the result."

Watch Giuliana's full statement on "Fashion Police" below:

Rancic directed her apology to the 18-year-old star and anyone else she hurt. In critiquing Zendaya's hair the night before, the E! host suggested the actress' dreadlocks "smelled like patchouli oil and weed." 

Zendaya quickly called Rancic out on Instagram saying her comments were "offensive," "disrespectful" and "ignorant." 

Rancic's "Fashion Police" co-host Kelly Osbourne also came to her friend Zendaya's defense tweeting Tuesday that she was seriously questioning staying on "Fashion Police" after her co-host's comments.

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