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Ed Sheeran Guest DJ

Ed Sheeran released his album x last year, but he already has shared another new song with his loyal Sheerios. A brand new song of Ed's made its debut on his friend Courteney Cox's show "Cougar Town" ... surprise! 

But he didn't go full-on "Beyonce dropping a new album out of nowhere" surprise -- he gave everyone a little warning on Twitter first:

Ed actually played cupid for Courteney when she introduced the actress to her now-fiance, Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid. In 2013, he told Yahoo! Celebrity, "I wasn't allowed to talk about this, actually, but it's just gone public so... My housemate [Johnny], who I have lived with for a year, I introduced him to Courteney and they started dating - now they're crazy about each other."

Check out a clip of Ed's new song debuting on Courteney Cox's "Cougar Town" below! 

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