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Ed Sheeran is revealing some surprising details about his journey to pop stardom.  The British singer-songwriter has released an excerpt from his upcoming self-titled photo book, in which he recounts a period of his life when he was homeless. 

In the passage published by Daily Mail, Ed writes that he "didn't have anywhere to live" for most of 2008 and all of 2009.  He says "drinking" and "being sociable" during that time helped him to have friends he could count on for "a floor to sleep on," but that he often slept on the London Underground and even spent a few nights on the streets outside Buckingham Palace. 

One excerpt reads:

"I'd go out and play a gig, wait until 5am, when the underground opened, sleep on the Circle Line until 12, go to a session - and then repeat. It wasn't that bad. It’s not like I was sleeping rough on the cold streets. 

"I didn't have the best personal hygiene at that point because I didn't get a chance to shower. It was just: sleep on the train, session, sweat on stage, drink, sleep on the train."

His big break finally came in 2011 with the album + (Plus).

Ed's book will hit shelves on November 18th.  The book is a partnership with the singer's childhood friend Phillip Butah, who provides the photos and illustrations that accompany Ed's words.  

Photo: Getty Images