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Each year, some politically correct principal at a public, taxpayer-funded elementary school decides to take away Halloween from American schoolchildren.

This year, the principals are Beverly Lawrence at Ruth Chaffee Elementary School, and Jeremy Visone at Anna Reynolds Elementary. Both schools are located in Newington, Conn., a middle-class Hartford suburb. (Visone, who holds a Ph.D. from Central Connecticut State University, fancies himself a doctor.)

The two principals sent letters informing parents of their decisions. The letters reasoned that because some kids may not celebrate Halloween, every single kid at the school should be prevented from any sort of celebration of Halloween at school, according local ABC affiliate WTNH.

Some parents are unhappy.

“I think it’s stupid,” parent Lori Montano told WNTH. “It’s not fair for the kids and, I mean, if some people don’t want to participate, then don’t participate. But they shouldn’t take it away from all the kids.”

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