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Passing on songs is a regret as old as time. "...Baby One More Time" became Britney Spears' debut hit after TLC turned it down. Kelly Clarkson scored gold when she recorded "Since You've Been Gone" after it was turned down by P!nk and Hilary Duff. Now, it appears we have another song to add to the pile. 

During a recent interview, 50 Cent revealed that Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's rap/pop ballad "See You Again" was originally meant for none other than Eminem.

The revelation came during a conversation about his work with Marshall Mathers on the 2015 Jake Gyllenhaal boxing champ film, Southpaw, which saw Fif appear in the film and Em executive produce the soundtrack.

"At the time, he had to make a decision between doing that and the song for Fast & Furious. And that record was a huge success for Wiz Khalifa and them. He decided to do Southpaw because he was invested in the project," 50 Cent said during the interview. "They developed that originally [for him]."

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While it's one hell of a missed opportunity for Em, it almost seems necessary that it landed in the hands of the rapper and rising pop star, considering the Furious 7 cut went on to score a ton of accolades, including the Grammy nomination for Song of the Year.

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