(NEWSER) – The US Preventive Services Task Force has issued two big changes to its recommendations for depression screening:

  • Every adult should be screened for depression at some point. Primary care physicians, including family doctors and gynecologists, should include screenings as a routine part of every over-18 patient's care, CNN reports. The Patient Health Questionnaire, a nine-question test with questions about mood, appetite, fatigue, and concentration, among other things, can identify 80% of depression cases, per an editorial on the new recommendations inJAMA. There is also a seven-question test that can be used; patients often complete such tests while waiting to see a doctor, and anyone who is found to be at risk gets a more thorough evaluation.
  • Pregnant women should be screened for depression while pregnant and after giving birth. Maternal mental illness has been found to be more common than was previously believed, the New York Times reports, and new research has also found that postpartum depression often starts during pregnancy.

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