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Danny Avila took over a packed Webster Hall in New York City this weekend. After the show we got to catch up with the young DJ/producer where he told us about his new track called "Boom" coming out on Steve Aoki's label Dim Mak.

"We don't have a final exact release date but it's a track on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label [titled "Boom"] and I made it with a guy from France called Merzo. I'm really happy with the track. I really like it so I'm excited for that."

Danny also told us about some of his favorite songs at the moment, one of them being D-Wayne & Afrojack's "Revel." He says, "Most of the time I play my favorite songs at the beginning. I try to wait but I can't because I just want to play them!"

So if you're ever wondering what music Danny is into, listen carefully to the beginning of his sets!

As for what else is next for Avila? He tells us, "I don't have anything finished with people. I'm constantly working with people like, for instance, there's a guy on Tiesto's label called Kaaze who's a really good producer. I'm constantly like - you know we're really good friends, we always make music together. Another guy, from England, his name is D.O.D., I'm working on a track with him but most of the stuff I'm just working on by myself like originals and stuff, singles."

Check out more photos from Danny's New York City Webster Hall show below!

Photos & Reporting by Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio