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Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda doesn't exactly know what direction the band will take with the follow-up to 2014's The Hunting Party, but he does know that they'll drop the new album sometime within the second half of the year.

Rolling Stone caught up with the bandmate to discuss the progress they've made on their seventh studio LP, and learned that they've already created a ton of material, but want to remain focused on "experimenting a lot with all the different directions."

"We're just … really heavily focusing on the melodies. Some of the music is coming together here and there but it's really, right now, more about the words and melodies," he explained to the outlet. "So I don't actually know what the sound of the record is going to be like yet."

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It hasn't been completely dry in LP-land though. Just last year, the band collaborated with Steve Aoki on his futurstic "Darker Than Blood" single and then there was that whole viral 183 movie mashup to the group's 2000 hit "In The End"

"I can't believe this guy edited all these movies together," he said. "I can't even imagine. What, did he start in in 2005? How do you have the time to do something like that?! I was really impressed. I love it."

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