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Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old cancer patient who gained national attention for her plan to go through with a state-assisted suicide, has died.  After weeks of controversy, "People" reports that she died on Saturday by taking an prescribed dose of medication made legal under Oregon's "Death with Dignity Act." She was at home in Portland. 

In a final Facebook post, Maynard thanked her friends and family for support through "this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from [her]."  She reminded her followers that "the world is beautiful place," and encouraged them to "spread good energy" and "pay it forward!"  

Maynard was told she would have six months to live last spring.  Last month, she started a campaign called "Compassion & Choices" to advocate for spreading the "Death with Dignity" laws across the country. 

Her decision to end her own life became controversial over the weeks, as fellow terminally-ill patients and some pro-life groups tried to sway her.  The news comes as a surprise, however, as Maynard seemed to have a change of heart just last week.