Fall Out Boy
Photo: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

Fall Out Boy recently launched their own line of emoji stickers on messaging app Line, and if you follow the band on the iOS/Android app, then these delightful cartoon versions of the guys are yours for free. Sixteen of Fall Out Boy's stickers are available to use on the app right now, but we are premiering a brand new one for you right here .. and it it involves pizza.

Best emoji sticker ever, right?! iHeartRadio recently talked to Pete Wentz about the stickers, and he tells us that that when they are on the road, texting is easier than calling, and it's even easier to send an emoji/sticker than typing out a full sentence.

"We are normally on the road or doing 1,000 things at once, so texting is way easier then getting on a phone sometimes. Why type out a full sentence when you can say it with a single emoji/sticker 😜" 

Both Fall Out Boy and their fans came up with the ideas for what the stickers would resemble. The band chose some fan favorites and then they came up with a few more ideas of their own. 

Pete tells us his favorite sticker is Patrick's Thanks!, "because it reminds me of the 'It's an avocado...thanks!' vine."

While chatting with Pete, we also gave him some real life situations, and asked him to tell us the perfect emojis to send for each of them. Check out his choices below:


When you're tweeting about your favorite song:   

FOB Emoji 

When you're posting your gym selfie to Instagram: 

unknown 3

When respond to the wrong text message: 

unknown 4

When your best friend tells you they’re bringing over your favorite food: 

unknown 2

When you wake up and look at your texts after a crazy night out: 

FOB Emoji

When your crush texts you back:

On Fire

When you need to leave an annoying group chat:


When you need to respond to an online troll:

hahaha thnaks

When your friends cancel plans on you:

unknown 3

When your ex texts you randomly:


unknown 2