(NEWSER) – Infamous pharma CEO Martin Shkreli is out on $5 million bail after being arrested Thursday on charges of securities fraud, reports the AP, but the 32-year-old is looking at 20 years if he's convicted. (Still, he's "glad to be home.") Some related reading:

  • An innovative music fan filed what Boing Boing calls "the best FOIA ever" over the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album that Shkreli famously bought. The fan was hoping that the FBI had seized the never-heard album during the arrest, and that he could then make it public through his freedom-of-information request. Sadly, it turns out the FBI didn't seize it.
  • But maybe there's still hope for the album? Vice floats some possibilities.


  • As for the charges Shkreli faces, they don't involve his price-hiking strategies; he's essentially accused of running a "[Ponzi] scheme during his early adventures in the worlds of hedge funds and, eventually, pharma," according to this Slate explainer.


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