An automated pumping machine displays thnewser

(NEWSER) – A watchdog report has some thrilling news for taxpayers: $43 million of your hard-earned money went toward building a single gas station in Afghanistan with an initial budget of $3 million.

If that's not bad enough, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction says the Department of Defense has been unable or unwilling to explain the high cost of Afghanistan's first compressed natural gas filling station, built in Sheberghan in 2011. The DOD told SIGAR it lacked the "personnel expertise" to respond because the task force in charge of the operation closed in March. "I've never encountered anything like this," says SIGAR's John Sopko, who calls the project "an outrageous waste of money," per NBC News. "There may be fraud. There may be corruption. But I cannot currently find out more about this because of the lack of cooperation."

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