Super Bowl XLIV


(NEWSER) – Gabriel Thompson was paid $12.25 an hour as a concession worker at Levi's Stadium during Super Bowl 50. Not bad, right? Well, he writes at Slate, it's a little more nuanced than that: Thompson clocked in at 8:36am, more than 90 minutes after he arrived at the spot where a shuttle would take him to the stadium.

"This is how they treat the 99% who gonna serve the 1%!" a woman complained as they waited. Once at the stadium's Chrome Grill, Thompson was too busy serving fans who paid up to $10,000 a ticket that he couldn't take the 10-minute break per four hours of work required by California law. He clocked out at 8:39pm but was still waiting for a shuttle out more than two hours later. "We want to go home! We want to go home!" workers chanted around him.

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