(WWPR) Former Chicago Bull (and second overall pick) Jay Williams stopped through The Breakfast Club to chat with The Breakfast Club about his new book, "Life Is Not An Accident."  The memoir about his life details playing in the NBA for one year and suffering a career-ending injury after a motorcycle crash, and learning how to bounce back.

Williams is the first one to share all of his mistakes he made while he was young.

"You come to a team where you lose all the time, and dude's start going crazy talking to girls during games, partying the night before a game, smoking weed before games. It's easy to get lost in that - when your teammates don't care, why should I care?" he told The Breakfast Club. "That led me overall to eventually just doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it...I bought a motorcycle because I was bored, I had nothing else to do. My mistake was hitting a utility poll at 70mph."

Charlamagne Tha God read the book over the weekend during Winter Storm Jonas while he was snowed in, and told Williams that it was not an easy read - he had to put it down several times.

"All of these years I thought you just had a broken leg. But reading that book, bro, I would rather have AIDS. I'm serious. My new saying is I can live through anything if Jay Williams made it. I used to say if Magic made it." 

Watch the interview below for more on his injury, getting over his suicidal thoughts, his past relationships and more.