Take comfort, America, because today’s high school freshmen are just as immature as you were at the especially dumb age of 14. The difference is: These kids today have smartphones, and they know how to use them.

The kerfuffle that proves it all beyond the shadow of a doubt occurred on Aug. 28 at Memorial High School in Houston, according to local NBC affiliate KPRC.

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Principal Lisa Weir invited freshman students at the affluent high school to an assembly in the auditorium. The plan was to allow individual students to ask questions anonymously, via their mobile phones. Then, the questions would appear on a huge screen in front of the room for the entire gaggle of 14-year-old kids to see.

Predictably, Weir’s plan became a disaster as quick as you can pop a blackhead. The students realized they could type any messages they wanted into their phones and those messages would appear on the big screen.

And thus did immature chaos soon ensue.

“Im hungry [sic],” wrote one student.

“Miley Cyrus for president,” wrote another.

Other messages which appeared on the auditorium screen at the assembly included “Sexy boots,” “When ur stoned af” and “hi welcome to chillies [sic].”

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