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Jamal and Hakeem will have to set aside their difference long enough to go on the road and bring their jams to cities across this land.

That’s because executives from FOX are seriously considering setting up an "Empire" tour, thanks to Timbaland's blazing beats and songs that have millions of viewers glued to their TVs each week, according to Entertainment Weekly. It’s been done before when the cast from "Glee" went on tour.

"We are thinking about what the future is of the brand," explains Dana Walden, co-chair and co-CEO of Fox Television Group. "What we learned on 'Glee' and what we tried to do on 'Glee' is be very cognizant that the music business is the tail of this dog - the show is the thing. But we are certainly looking down the line. There's no reason not to think of having all sorts of ancillary opportunities with this show. We're certainly thinking about idea of doing a live concert series."

On March 10, viewers will be able to download the "Empire" soundtrack from iTunes too.

Maybe Lucious will reconsider doing a Legend tour with Jamal and Hakeem. Camilla can come and play the Tambourine. And Cookie? Maybe she can do security. Y'all know she doesn't play.

The series airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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