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Robin Thicke's 'Lost Without U' Radio

(NEWSER) – A group of 50 Belgian tourists headed to the Alps for a ski holiday were slightly confused when they woke up from their overnight bus ride and found themselves surrounded by … vineyards in the south of France. The snow hadn't melted at La Plagne ski resort, their true destination: They hadn't made it there, because their bus driver followed the wrong GPS directions and took them on a 750-mile detour to a different part of the country, the Guardian reports.

"There are three entries [in the GPS] for La Plagne in France, and I selected the wrong one," the driver revealed to Studio Brussel radio station, per the BBC. The journey started in Leuven, about 18 miles outside of Brussels. What should have been a trip somewhat to the south ended up really going south—which apparently the passengers didn't fully realize until the next morning.

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