Bill Cosby and Jared Fogle are terrible people, but not quite as bad as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to GQ magazine.

The men’s publication ranked the former secretary of state fifth on its list of “Worst People of 2015.”

Clinton’s offense, according to the storied publication, is her “pander-bot” persona and her “bought-and-paid-for leadership.”

The magazine’s scathing review reads:

Remember Cool Hillary Clinton, back when she was checking her phone with her sunglasses on like a BAWSE and getting drunk with foreign dignitaries on Instagram and sh*t? Yeah, that Hillary Clinton is gone, kids. Hopelessly corrupt pander-bot 2008 Hillary is back! And remarkably, she seems to believe—yet again—that her lengthy history of cynical, bought-and-paid-for leadership somehow entitles her to the presidency, as if her entire campaign strategy is “I didn’t betray my principles and sell out every last one of my constituents NOT to be president, you guys!” I hope she keeps that Gmail account open. She’s gonna need it after blowing this election.

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