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(NEWSER) – Matt Malone has a well-paying security specialist career and owns a promising startup business. Yet if you want to track him down after hours, you'll need to peek inside a bunch of Texas dumpsters. The 37-year-old Austin man told Randall Sullivan, writing for Wired, that he's made a killing moonlighting as a dumpster-diver, extracting an astonishing amount of "treasure" that he can either use for his own hobbies or refurbish and resell.

He's gotten it down to a science, creating spreadsheets for inventory, figuring out when garbage day is for each target site, and mapping out particularly lucrative locations, like big-box retailers, college campuses (rich kids throw out lots of stuff, he claims), storage facilities, and stores going out of business or undergoing a remodel. His vocation has paid off big time: He says if he chose to make it his full-time job, he'd make at least $250,000 a year.

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