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(NEWSER) – The British Board of Film Classification describes Charlie Lyne's Paint Drying as "a film showing paint drying on a wall. It contains no material likely to offend or harm" and "should be suitable for audiences aged 4 years and over." The cost of that classification: more than $6,000.

But hey, it was money "well spent," says Lyne, who created the 10-hour movie—which indeed shows nothing but paint drying on a brick wall—with the sole intention of sticking it to the man, per Sky News. Basically any film aiming for a UK release has to be reviewed by the BBFC, which charges $145 per review, plus an additional $10 and change for each minute the film runs, per the International Business Times. Since Lyne knew examiners would have to watch an entire flick to review it, he started a Kickstarter with the goal of creating the longest and most boring movie possible.

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