Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In ColumbusPhoto: Getty Images

On this day, October 27th, last year, Taylor Swift blessed us with her chart-topping, record-breaking album 1989. After two years since releasing Red, T-Swizzle finally gave us Swifties new music -- 13 new songs to be exact (plus three bonus tracks) -- and we could barely handle it.

For all of us Swifties out there, it's been the best year of our lives too.  

When Taylor first announced 1989, we were so happy we couldn't stop dancing.

t swift 1

We literally went insane.

t swift 2

When she finally released 1989, the sheer beauty of the music and all of its accompanying music videos made us weep tears of joy.

t swift 3

And if anyone told us otherwise, us Swifties united as one, and knew just how to handle them.

t swift 4

Because all of our wildest dreams had come true.

taylor 5

Congratulations on a year of 1989, Tay. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The album still gives us feels.