Harry Styles

For years, Harry Styles was plagued with rumors debating whether or not he’d attempt a solo music career outside of One Direction. As the band members prepare for their upcoming hiatus, it appears that Harry might be gearing up for a new project.

NME.com reports that the singer registered four new songs — and he’s the only name listed as the performer. I’ll give you a second to let that sink in. The tracks are co-written with Snow Patrol’s John McDaid and songwriter/producer Gary Go.

Yes, we also know the names of the songs: “Already Home,” “Coco,” “Endlessly” and “5378 Miles.” (It’s worth noting that in January 2015, Sugarscape reported that Harry registered a song called “Already Here” with the same two co-writers.)

Naturally, Harry hasn’t confirmed the rumors. In fact, during an interview for Alan Carr's Chatty Man show, the singer addressed whether he’s written for himself, saying, “No... we all write kind of separately and for other people and do stuff and bring it back, and that is it." (Quote via NME.)

If you need help imagining what a Harry Styles solo performance would look like, feast your eyes (for the one millionth time) on his X Factor UK audition.

Photo: Getty Images