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(NEWSER) – Time is a flat circle in which we do the same things over and over again—or, in the case of Pi Day, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, celebrated over and over again each year on March 14. Here's 2016's homage to 3.14159265359 and so forth—which Time notes has been dubbed "Rounded Pi Day," since the first four numbers after the decimal point would round up to 3.14.16:

  • Did you know if you hold "3.14" up to a mirror it spells "PIE"? The Mirror has pulled together a compilation of fun facts like this. 
  • How well do you know your numbers? Answer one of Pizza Hut's math challenges correctly and you'll be in the running for plenty of a different kind of pi: 3.14 years' worth of pizza.
  • Microsoft is celebrating with a unique Dell discount; the Verge has the scoop. Additional pi-themed discounts are available at Time and WKYC.
  • For the cooking-inclined, Mental Floss offers 10 food-based ideas to commemorate the day.

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