Meshach Babcock Vest
Photo: Kelsie Loos, iHeartMedia Portland

Meet Meshach Babcock (pronounced Me-Shack), a 23-year-old all around cool-dude with a glorious head of hair from the Portland area. Meshach graduated from Oregon City High School in 2010 and went back in 2013 to perform with his band, Maniak, at the school's Battle of the Bands. During that show, his beloved, custom vest was stolen, never to be seen again. After a couple weeks of mourning, Meshach moved on with his crazy life, only to be absolutely blown away by a late phone call a couple weeks ago. 

February 7th, 2016, 1:00am - 

Meshach's friend, Sergio Ginez, spotted a photo on Facebook of a very familiar looking vest... After comparing it to older photos of Meshach's stolen vest, Sergio was certain he knew the owner. The shocking part of this situation though, was that the photo was taken in the Macy's Herald Square in New York City! His vest was framed and being used as a piece of art in the Ralph Lauren section in the store. Sergio then called Meshach and the attempt to get his back had begun. Later that day, Meshach's friend, Nicholas Prom, started a Facebook page to get Macy's attention.

Photo: Macy's, Give Meshach's Vest Back Fan Page

February 8th, 2016, 9:00pm - 

We came across their fan page on Facebook and it instantly caught our attention. We knew we could help in two ways... First off, Macy's is a partner of ours. They advertise with us and we do several fun events with them every year on a local level. Second, we truly have awesome listeners who we knew could help leverage this. So, the first blog post was created and we talked about it on air the next morning.

The following week and a half:

We chatted with Meshach on the radio and continued to call Macy's and help get a bug in their ear about this. One representative that talked on the phone to our digital director said "that is CLEARLY his vest. There's no doubt about that." At this point, it's pretty clear that after his vest disappeared, it was taken to a Goodwill or second hand store, where it was purchased by a third party art buyer, who then sold it to Macy's. Several other news outlets picked up the story, further pushing the discussion to send Meshach the vest. Meshach had several back and forth conversations, provided them with his address and waited.

Want to find out how Meshach got that vest back? 105.9 The Brew exclusively spoke to him. Head there right now!