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In case you didn't know, Tori Kelly was once a contestant on "American Idol," and let's just say that then show staple Simon Cowell said her voice wasn't exactly pleasing to his ears.

In the February issue of Seventeen magazine, the big-voiced singer opened up about her boot from the ninth season of the show, admitting that it might have been a necessary part of her career path. "Deep down, I knew I was good, and I knew I could do it," Tori confessed. "I needed to get knocked down and to build up a thick skin. Who knows what I would have been singing about otherwise? You have to go through things in order to inspire others with your story."

Nonetheless, there are always going to be detractors and the soul singing diva has found a way to deal with industry heavyweights that have perceived her as "vanilla" with "nothing to say."

"And I was thinking, But this is my personality; I'm just chilling," she revealed. "So I went right back to being that little girl who was just so freaked out. I acted as if I didn't care, but I went home that night and just poured all the feelings that I was holding back into my music. That's how Unbreakable Smile came to be."

Considering that Tori is up for the coveted Best New Artist Grammy in February, it's safe to say that she's definitely doing something right. Her cover story of Seventeen is currently available on newsstands now!

Check out Tori Kelly's cover of Seventeen below!

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