Hillary Clinton Attends Get Out The Vote Rally In Birmingham, Alabama

Hillary Clinton is celebrating a dominating win in South Carolina's Democratic Primary.  At a rally in Columbia, she said her win shows the power of unity in breaking barriers no matter how big they may be.  She emphasized that now, her campaign will go national. It's Clinton's third win in the early primary and caucus season.  The former Secretary of State will carry that momentum into the upcoming Super Tuesday, when several states will hold primaries and caucuses. 

Clinton made a few comments aimed at Republican front-runner Donald Trump.  She said America doesn't need to be made great again, since it never stopped being great.

Clinton said that instead, America needed to be made whole again.  She stated that instead of building walls, America should tear down the barriers that stand between people.  Clinton said America needed more good jobs, and that can be done by building on the progress made by the Obama administration. 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spent the day in some Super Tuesday states, including Texas where a crowd of more than seven thousand turned out for a rally. Bernie Sanders is congratulated Hillary Clinton on her big win. In a statement, the Vermont senator looked to the future of his campaign, saying it's "just beginning." He also pointed to his decisive win in New Hampshire and pointed out that the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries will give him a chance to pick up many more delegates than those in the four early states.

Photo: Getty Images