Madame Tussauds Opens Location In Berlin


(NEWSER) – A seedy British song written in 1939 poked fun at Nazi leaders' testicles, and kicked off with the line "Hitler has only got one ball." According to historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie, that's only, well, half the story. Their 2015 book Hitler's Last Day: Minute by Minute takes a look at Adolf Hitler's manhood via medical records they say they've accessed, and the two assert that Hitler suffered from "two forms of genital abnormality," per the Telegraph.

The first, an undescended testicle, was said to have been confirmed by another historian in December. The second is hypospadias, "in which the urethra opens on the under side of the penis." Though hypospadias can be accompanied by other conditions, Craigie clarifies in an email to the Independent that it would be a "leap" to say the condition led to an abnormally small penis in Hitler's case, as has been reported.

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